Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper

1 color, 2 color, and 4 Color Printing Process – White & Kraft Paper Available


Why Greaseproof paper:

• It’s Non-Toxic
• Designed for both hot and cold foods
• It’s a multi-purpose paper
• Top quality high wet strength
• Stops oily food applications
• Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable
• Made naturally without any coatings
• Oven, microwave and freezer safe
• Vegetable based inks used for printing
• No graphics limitations for design and layout
• US FDA, ISEGA, and HALAL certified

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1 Usage Per Customer – Expires 8/20/2019

Design Your Own Greaseproof Paper
In 3 Easy Steps!

Design your very own branded greaseproof paper. Select your color paper, upload your logo, and checkout. We will do the rest and deliver your order upon completion! Available in white or Kraft paper using a 4 color printing process.



Upload vector image file -
.pdf, .png, .jpg, or .eps vector graphic.



Adjust your logo or image in the design
tool on the paper and design it.



Select paper size, print color(s), white or Kraft paper, and sheet quantity.

Greaseproof Paper Sizes!

20" x 13"
20” x 12”
20" x 10"
18” x 13”
18” x 12”
18” x 10”
16” x 12”
15" x 13"
15" x 12"
15" x 10.75"
15" x 9"
14” x 12”
13" x 13"

13" x 10"
13" x 9"
13" x 6"
12" x 12"
12" x 10"
12" x 9"
12" x 8"
12" x 6"
10.75" x 10"
10" x 10"
10" x 8"
10" x 6"
10" x 5"

9” x 9”
9" x 6"
9" x 5"
8” x 8”
8” x 6”
8” x 5”
7” x 7”
7” x 5”
6" x 6"
6” x 5”
5" x 5"
4" x 4"

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Expanding your Brand!

Food Service Greaseproof Paper - Printed Greaseproof Paper

custom printed greaseproof paperGreaseproof Paper is your #1 source for custom printed food paper products. Click "Get Started" and design your very own branded greaseproof paper with our software design tool. Upload your logo, create your greaseproof paper within the design tool, select your paper color and size and checkout, it's that simple. We will do the rest and deliver your printed greaseproof paper order upon completion! Available in white or Kraft paper using a four-color printing process.

Our greaseproof paper is biodegradable and manufactured from either 38gsm white or 40gsm Kraft brown paper. Custom printed greaseproof paper is the perfect solution to wrap around or use as a liner beneath any heavy oil food product. The greaseproof paper application holds the grease in and doesn't allow it to seep through. Within the food industry or baking industry, our greaseproof paper is the perfect liner for food trays, wraps, basket liners, along with many more uses.

Maintain the appearance of your food presentation, while keeping in the flavor, and most importantly, making it greaseproof.

Greaseproof Paper is turning the food service paper world upside down with our revolutionary approach to custom printing. Gone are the days of 1 & 2 color step and repeat logos. Businesses like yours now have the ability to transform your food service paper into a work of art. Greaseproof paper gives your business the presentation flare it deserves and lets your customers see your brand in a whole new light. Design it yourself (link to design page) or let our talented graphics department help.

Greaseproof paper is the perfect solution for fried foods, greasy foods, hot & cold foods, oils & sauces, heavy dishes, basket liners, tray liners, food wraps and so much more! This is the most versatile sheet on the market today! Greaseproof paper can be custom printed with your logo and delivered to your door in just 2-3 weeks.

If you’re not currently using Greaseproof paper, let us help you get started today!

Product Highlights:

• Minimum orders starting at 1,000 sheets
• No art plate or setup costs
• 2-3 week delivery time
• Free shipping to the US, Canada & Mexico
• 1-color, 2-color or 4-color process printing technology
• Full ink coverage possible
• Standard and custom sheet sizes available
• Oven safe for cooking
• White or Kraft brown paper stock available
• Microwave safe for heating
• Freezer safe for storage
• 100% compostable and recyclable
• Vegetable based inks used for printing
• No graphics limitations for design and layout
• US FDA, ISEGA, and HALAL certified
Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper
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